Monday, 17 January 2011


Too tired to post anything substantial, so hope you enjoy these pictures instead. Both From California. The top one is Summerland and the bottom is Carpinteria.

Despite posting no news or astronomy lately, things are going on behind the scenes and I hope to post some encouraging news and science shortly, but it may be a few weeks from now. In the meantime remote operations is keeping me busy - it's a few phone calls each night which isn't too different from summit operations but what the hell, I didn't expect anything different!

The new camera arrives tomorrow. I almost feel naked without any means of taking pictures. One of my neighbours left me a bunch of bananas on my porch and it would have made a great still life photo and a piece about how wonderful my neighbours are, but I can't do that until tomorrow. In any case, if my neighbour reads this blog (very unlikely!), thank you so much!

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