Saturday, 8 January 2011

Santa Barbara mountains

Not sure if this is the correct term for the mountains, but Pam was kind enough to take me up on a mountain road just north of Santa Barbara and the views were simply gobsmacking. I believe this is a view of Los Padres National Park and tried to give black and white a go.

I'm no Ansel Adams and can't even compete with Ant's black & white photos, but these don't look too bad. Snow in California was something I've wanted to see for years, just like a Mauna Kea visitor hoping to see snow in Hawaii on Mauna Kea.

Central London has been my location for the last few days but with all the rain and a fairly busy schedule I haven't been able to take any photos but I think most of you have seen pictures of the place. I took a taxi ride from the hotel to Waterloo station this morning and felt like a tourist - it's been 20 years since I was last here and driving via St Jame's Park and by the houses of Parliament was quite special!

Back to dealing with Minimalist Mode next week! And for those that want a little colour, Summerland last week:


boo said...

The Summerland photo is splendid - the reflection of the sky color in the wet sand is quite lovely, and the placement of the driftwood does a nice job of balancing the sun. The B&W photos are pretty too, but my world is currently monochromatic because of the snowfalls here so sun and sea are much more appealing at the moment!

Tom said...

Boo - tend to agree. I loved the view but the mountain pictures didn't turn out quite the way I'd hoped so tried something a little different. I'll probably get back to them again soon though since I'm not relying on my laptop anymore!

Wishing you a great new year!


Beep said...

It was so nice of you to link to me. I could not be sorrier about your camera. Hopefully this is just a message that it is time for you to go to the next level of expressing your talent with a new one. It was wonderful to have you here and I'm hoping you will visit again and give the new camera a trip to California :) love Pam

Tammie Lee said...

you are in my home land... so fun for me to see these images, the majesty and beauty.

Tom said...

Pam - I had a great time and Santa Barbara on New Year's eve will remain a memory of mine forever!

Tammie - it's a beautiful place, I fell in love with California a while back. Thought you were in Montana though? (or maybe you mean the US mainland in general?).

Incidentally, Montana is on the top of my list for places to visit in the US.


Anonymous said...

If there is one place in California, I miss it is Santa Barbara and the also the road from SB to Santa maria through the Santa Inez Valley. Thanks for the pics!

Tom said...

Anonymous - think I've said it in this blog once or twice, but I have fallen in love with California, especially the Monterey region. I won't be able to afford it but that's where I want to retire!

I've been through the Santa Inez Valley but to be honest at the time I really didn't know where I was so didn't have the nouse to understand the beauty of the place. It's on my list of things to do again. And I need to visit Cambria and Moonstone beach again!