Thursday, 23 December 2010

Pictures from that last Mauna Kea trip: sky and clouds

More from the last support trip to Mauna Kea:

Mauna Kea's shadow on December 14th. Not much snow remains on the plateau or on the cinder cones but it's likely more is on the way next week.

Hualalai volcano, turbulent low-level clouds and a little vog as well.

Last glimpse of the sun as it sets over the Pacific Ocean. No green flash again. Wonder if I'll ever see it...


boo said...

Have you really not seen a green flash? That astonishes me. Mauna Kea and the gulf coast of Florida have been the spots where I have managed to catch them.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Andrew Cooper said...

Of all the sunsets I have watched from Mauna Kea or along Mamalahoa Highway between Waimea and Waikoloa, I have seen a handful of mediocre green flashes. I had a conversation with the Taikabo morning tour guide once, same answer, a he has watched untold sunrises. I have read sources that say the flash is relatively rare from sites well above sea level.

I have seen much more intense events from sea level on the Kona coast. The best, by far, was seen while eating dinner on a waterfront terrace in Kona. That one was impressive, like someone hitting us with a green laser, you could hear the gasp echo through the restaurant.

Try the beach whenever you get the chance.

Anonymous said...

Somehow, you must get back up there sometimes, just to take the amazing pictures :)

Merry Christmas, Tom
Miss you

Tom said...

Boo - to be honest, yes, I have seen one, but it was several hundred miles inland in Australia. I have yet to see on in Hawaii!

Andrew - yes, have to agree, it seems the green flash is something you're more likely to see at sea level with a clear horizon. Despite that, I know other people have seen them from the summit because they've shown me the photos - sometimes when I was on the summit at the same time!

Pam - I'll get back up there. Not sure when but it'll happen. And of course I miss you too but will be in California soon!

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!


Rose said...

Breathtaking photos!!! I am in awe!