Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Last of the breed

Meet my good friend Omar Almaini and his PhD student Caterina Lani from The School of Physics and Astronomy, The University of Nottingham. We're all sat up here at UKIRT twiddling our thumbs as everything is being controlled from sea level but this is a rather special run as they are the last visiting observers scheduled to be at the summit. Tomorrow we go down to Hilo and continue the run from there. Watch out for some final sunset photos from tonight and last night in the next few days!

I thought I might feel a little emotional tonight, this being my final scheduled night on the summit as well (although I suspect it won't be), but so far I'm not, perhaps because I'm so relieved that remote observing is working so well! Anyway, perhaps I'll start to feel sad when we start to head down to our accommodations a few thousand feet below.

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