Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Tired and reminiscing

There are still a few more pictures to post from my last "official" visit to the summit but they'll be of the "I've seen that before" variety. There are a couple of UKIRT that aren't my best but look OK although I'm going to use them in an article I'm writing so won't post them here right now. I've got quite a nice one of Mauna Kea's shadow, one of the CFHT and one of Gemini with all the vents open so you can see inside the dome. Still, you've seen them all before. There's a little snow this time though. Maybe that'll make all the difference! Just remember it's a little snow.

So, just to keep myself entertained, some more from Leonard Cohen in London. This one gives me the chills or chicken skin as Hawaiians might say:

For those that like the harp, here's another featuring the Webb Sisters:

In case you were wondering, the winter storm is still here so observing is impossible. It's not what I hoped for when starting remote observing but there's nothing I or anyone can do about it so we're in a holding pattern right now until the clouds go away.


Anonymous said...

I am reminded of the importance of the work you and your colleagues do.
Today in the NY Times there was a story on Mauna Loa, Dr. Keeling, and the "Keeling Curve." All about CO2 measurement. The facility does not look as impressive as yours, but the work has more than academic implications.
Also, -

Anonymous said...

Tom, I'm sorry you are tired and I can really feel along with you on this blog, because of the wonderful photos and writing, how you are missing being on the mountain. I'm also glad for you that you got to spend so much time there and perhaps you can still go up sometimes with the sole purpose of taking superb photos :) Thinking of you, love, Pam xo