Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Gates Pass, Arizona

Just in case you thought I was dead or even worse, still in the UK. Here's another one from a few minutes later:

I'm still kicking myself for not cleaning the camera lense before this trip. I've a bunch of photos that could have been really good apart from the dust screwing everything up. Anyway, no, I'm not in Arizona, these shots come from a couple of weeks ago. I left the UK the other day just as the big freeze started to hit the south and am pretty pleased with myself for leaving when I did. It was bloody cold even before I left.

The photos look better if you click on them although you can then start to see where I tried to remove the dust spots!


RONW said...

nobody notices those stray specks on the lens/pics as glaring as they might seem to the photographer. Especially on web-size photos. Okay, enlarged, perhaps. Anyways, I'd like to commend you on not posting wall size photos to begin with. Never understood why people paste humongous photos on their front pages. Because then, the paragraphs on the same page get correspondingly a meter wide, too. By now, almost everybody is aware that clicking on an web photo enlarges it should they need a closer look. If you meant for your personal photo library, then for those yea. Btw, is it "photo" or "foto" in Britain?

titaniumjewelry said...

thank you for your share

Anonymous said...

Dust on a camera sensor is really no big deal anymore because the specks are too easy to remove with a program like Photoshop, PS Elements, Lightroom or others. And even if you have a lot of spots to deal with on a large set of photos removal only has to be done on one photo that is "sync'd" to all of the others. Done.


Tom said...

Ron - it's "photo" in the UK. Don't get all Germanic on me! ;)

PS. I always try and leave my pictures relatively small on the web so they're easy to handle and it also means that if anyone did want to steal one and publish it in a magazine or similar they'd have a problem since the quality wouldn't be that great.

Dave, yeah, you're right, except I don't have any of those programmes, just picasa. It has a dust removal tool but it isn't that great, and in this case I was overwhelmed with dust specks. I did the best I could do with Picasa!


RONW said...

Tom, I suggested a thousand times already, that bloggers should make a token effort to do their part against potential plagiarisms by water-marking their photos as a preventative measure. Suppose hypothetically somebody post your photo on his blog without prior permission, and a third person borrows from that person in the chain of custody. The third person might even erroneously credit the second person as the rightful photographer, and so on. Moreso, if a search engine picks up your photo, and somebody borrows it and uses it without proper attribution. I think it was under the millennium copyright law, willful defacement, erasing a watermark, etc., with or without the © symbol, is treated more seriously, statutory damages. Try typing .... "Keck 2 a pacific view" in a search window just to see what you get.