Monday, 22 March 2010

Opening for business

I posted this picture of Gemini with UKIRT in the background the other day but since then I had a little time to improve it while at sea level. Working at altitude often means your brain operates at somewhat less than 100% efficiency! Click on it for a larger view.

At around the same time Gemini was opening, the twin Kecks opened as well. The sky behind them off to the west wasn't encouraging especially as that's the direction high-level clouds tend to come from, but in the end the clouds drifted to the south overnight and it turned out to be quite a good night's observing.


Andrew Cooper said...

Interesting, the dome florescents inside Gemini turned a nice shade of gold when you adjusted the color balance for the outside of the dome.

I love the shades of red and gold you get in some of your latest summit photos. Not quite real, but it creates very dramatic photos.

Tom said...

Just exploring my artistic side, Andrew! ;) The Gemini photo uses HDR but the Keck photo is blended and the colours are actually about right - at least for that evening!


Zuzana said...

I loved the top picture wen I read the post yesterday and I love it today still.;)

Tom said...

Zuzana - I'm going to give away a print of that top photo to a very good friend of mine as a goodbye gift!

I like it a lot myself!