Thursday, 4 March 2010

Mauna Kea sunrise surprise

I revisited a few photos of mine using this newfangled panorama software of mine and it seems to work, at least it isn't making things worse. Click the picture to tell me where it's screwed up!


Big Island Papa said...

Aloha Tom,
How are you doing? Since we last emailed my daughter had her second child, my fifth grandchild...everyone is healthy and doing good. We are now just 23 days away from arriving in Kona.

This picture is a good shot...last time I felt the mistake was the slope behind the two left most observatories, but I know that is not it. I think the mistake is that the left most white dome does not have any sunshine while the other three do.


Big Island Papa said...

I forgot to tell you, my wife bought me a great digital camera for valentines day. A Sony is really an awesome camera that allows everything from full auto to partial to full manual...


Tom said...

Congratulations on the birth of your latest grandchild, Terry, that is wonderful news!

I hope the move to Kona goes well - it seems you're arriving on the island just as I leave for a few weeks!


Zuzana said...

It looks beautiful, very futuristic.;)