Friday, 19 March 2010

Cirrus to the south

It's another night of very high winds, sometimes gusting to 50-mph. Although the winds are a problem, the clouds above us have cleared and at sunset were only visible in the southern sky above Mauna Loa. They made for a very attractive colour as the sun went down but it seems we just can't get a decent night at the moment. It's either clouds, winds or as some observers experienced recently, fog and ice.

Once again I took few photos this evenining and only in the shelter of the domes. That windchill can give you a nasty frostbite!


Keera Ann Fox said...

Flaming orange versus soft gray. I love the variation in the clouds in this picture!

Tom said...

The orange clouds are high and extend from about 20 miles away to the horizon (I don't know, perhaps 100 miles?). The low clouds are much nearer and of course, er, much lower. The combination makes for some very pretty scenes in my opinion, especially at sunset or sunrise where some catch the sunlight and some don't.

The orange colour was a bonus!


Zuzana said...

I know I have said this before, but you should so publish a book with your photographs.;)

Tom said...

Zuzana - I can't, I'm not allowed to. I could publish a book but I'm not allowed to take photos for profit on the summit.

I've made a couple of calendars for people but I had to pay for them.