Monday, 1 December 2008

Local friends

Yesterday evening I was curious as to why the traffic to my humble little blog had suddenly rocketed and realised that it had been picked up by a few excellent local blogs and that they had pointed traffic this way. To return the favour, I've included them in my sidebar.

Firstly, there's the prolific and very informative Damon Tucker's Weblog, I'll be reading this site often as it's a great source of local news. Next, Andrew at A Darker View is part of the astronomical community on the island and like me works on Mauna Kea. There are many interesting articles there and some superb photography! Thirdly, there's Aaron over at The Kona Blog. This is a very well-written blog about local issues and another I'll be reading often.

Finally, there's my good friend and colleague Ant who has just started Adventures in a Lightroom. Look for some great articles and photos there!


Beep said...

Such a some of us knock ourselves out to put up a bunch of pages we think are in the public interest about things like autoimmune diseases and climate change and other dreary stuff, and it turns out that what folks actually prefer seeing are blogs written and photos taken by people who work in romantic professions like astronomy and who live in exotic paradises such as Hawaii. I mean, who could have guessed? :)

Tom said...

Beep - don't put yourself down, I know many people read and find blogs such as yours very useful and informative. I think a lot of people like reading stuff that's a little beyond their own experience though, I certainly do! It doesn't mean that blogs such as your own are not interesting, quite the opposite, it's just that sometimes people like to escape from their own reality occasionally.

I've never thought of astronomy as being a romantic profession, but there you go! When it's 3am at the summit, with 50-mph winds and the temperature way below freezing with the telescope and instruments acting up, the last thing I think is that I have a romantic job!

Beep said...

I forgot to add that I'm with the majority here -- I prefer to read about big beautiful blue stars and faraway exotic tropical islands and things like that! Things like "The Risk of a Deflationary Spiral" are not a lot of fun to cuddle up with on a cool winter night. I'm sorry to hear it is so cold at the summit of high mountains even in Hawai'i, but hope it's nice again when you get down to sea level ;)

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog from Damon's blog. I have been reading him for a few months and I believe him to be a very wise man that I respect.

I think your photography is more than excellent. You have quite an eye both close up and afar.

Let's hear a little more about your interest in gourmet food though!


Tom said...

Devany - thanks for popping by and perhaps something about food after January when I might find the time to start cooking again! 'Til then I'm rather busy!