Thursday, 4 December 2008

Fading heritages

Now that I've just ranted about the UK, I get emailed a link to this site:

Our Fading Heritage

I scored 75%. Not too bad for a foreigner/haole who didn't study for the test and one that can't apply for citizenship for another year or two. At least I could read and understand the questions. I'll do better next time and suspect I'll ace the "fill in the gaps in this sentence written in English test" that's part of applying for citizenship.

There were a couple of questions that caught my eye though. Do people in the US really not know who they fought against in World War II? The Sputnik question was odd because I'm not entirely sure how that links to US heritage, but I guess the Russians getting into space first might smart a little bit.


Diane said...

As you may have read in my little missives, I love the UK. A lot. Part of it has to do with the fact that I've never felt at home anywhere I've lived... and I feel at home there... so it's not so much about the specifics of geography (or government or societal norms, etc) as it is about the feeling I have when I'm there. Many of my friends and family share your view, though most of them wouldn't leave (strangely).

Oh, and have you ever watched Jay Leno's 'Jay Walking', where they stop random people on the street and ask them questions about our history or government or or leaders? It's appalling how little the average American knows about America.

Beep said...

Weird test. I missed three I knew perfectly well because my vision is blurred since I have been up all night, and I also am too lazy to put my reading glasses on. But one I did not know. There seemed to be more economics questions than I would have thought there would be; when I was going to school economics was not even offered as a public school class. I happened to major in it in college and that was the only reason I knew the answers. And I'm strange anyway. I not only think most of US citizens wouldn't do all that well with these questions, but also think most of us would not care about whether anyone wanting to live here could answer them. Although given what I've been through and continue to go through with having a chronic illness and our health care "system" I am always surprised to hear about people who still want to come live here. You would think there would be some way I could just give you my citizenship for Christmas. What I want to know is how to sneak into Canada. I would like to have a real life and not merely exist for the purpose of fighting for the health care which I need to exist. Someone get me out of here before I go around this loop one more time.

John Powell said...

I missed three questions, but a couple of those were phrased in a confusing manner, so as a typical American, I'm going to sue.

Anonymous said...

I only missed three, just misread them.

However, I provided the correct answer to several of the economics questions where I could tell from the framing of the question what answer they wanted. I disagree with the certainty of those economic assumptions, but I wanted the 'A'!

Anonymous said...

I'm still striving to understand the "American Way of Life" but buoyed by a recent trip to DC I went for it. I got 73%.

Some observations: (i) the economics questions threw me also even though you warned me of them (I was crap at Economics at school - I now wish that I payed more attention then than having to struggle with understanding now); (ii) what the hell were Plato, Socrates and Aquinas doing there!? That definitely threw me! (iii) did you notice how the answer to number 2 (Roosevelts 'New Deal') was answered in the question to number 8 (Roosevelt's argument with the Supreme Court)? I got 2 right, but fluffed 8.

Interesting though.

Tom, do you know if there is a UK equivalent? It would be interesting to see whether we know/understand more about "US of A" or "Blighty"!

Tom said...

Diane - I have to admit I'm not a Jay Leno fan so haven't seen that. Perhaps I should visit youtube!

Beep - the economics stuff threw me completely otherwise I think I'd have scored higher.

John - can I be one of your witnesses? ;)

Anonymous - I think you, Beep and I were a bit confused with the economics stuff. There did appear to be some subjective stuff there and it made me wonder exactly what American kids are taught at school!

Ant - yes, the Socrates stuff threw me completely, I can't believe I didn't mention it in my post. That was too weird. I did find one or two British quizes but not quite like this one. One of them was annoying as hell, very hard questions and if you got one wrong you got returned to the beginning. Questions like "What was the middle name of Henry VIII's fourth wife?".

I think I got to about the third question before smashing the monitor.