Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Moonlit clouds

Sometimes I just sit back in awe at the sights here and tonight was no exception. Looking at the western sky a couple of hours after sunset I was simply gobsmacked by the colours of the clouds.

My first thought was that we still had enough vog in the atmosphere to explain the stunning colours, but both Ant and Andrew are reporting a fire on the eastern slopes of Mauna Kea. I'm not sure the wind is in the right direction to bring the smoke this way, but it might help explain what I'm seeing right now - the NWS are reporting calm winds in Hilo and there's no breeze here. The smoke is quite high in the atmosphere.

I couldn't pick my favourite picture from this evening so posted both. Now I'm going to sit outside on the lanai with a glass of red wine and listen to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, and I'll play it loud enough to drown out the coquis.


Anonymous said...

Louder Tom, I can't hear...

It was weird waking up to that. Enjoy the wine (Last night tonight!).


Zuzana said...

I wish I could capture the moon this way; I have tried a few times to take a picture, but it just becomes an obscure, undefined blob.
You know I love the moon, so to me these pictures speak plenty.;)

Diane said...

Last night, when we got out of the car, Ryan looked up and said, "Mommy, the moon is giving me the creeps tonight." I asked why and she replied, "It looks just like the Cheshire Cat's grin after he disappeared, when it was all that was left of him." She was right! And he totally creeped me out, so I understood what she meant.

Hope you enjoyed the wine and Beethoven. I had a glass along with you but I was listening to Lizz Wright (melancholy mood :).

Keera Ann Fox said...

Stunning! I love seeing the moon like this!