Friday, 9 September 2011

It just seemed appropriate

Not long now - 6 nights in San Francisco, a place I've never visited (except for the airport hotels) and then a 2-week road trip on the Pacific Coast Highway. The San Francisco part is work-related but am not complaining. The rest will be pure pleasure!

I found this on youtube. I have no problem admitting I've never been a fan of Tony Bennett, but given my location and the upcoming trip it just seemed appropriate. (You might want to wait for 45-seconds to see what I mean!).


Anonymous said...

How beautiful! Loved the hula! Tony's voice was great when he was young!

Tom said...

The hula dance is wonderful and have to admit Tony's voice is superb - even if it's when he's a little older! It's just not my style of music but will admit I sang along to the last bits - just to see if I could!


Tom said...

PS. I think I'll have to dig around for Bennett's earlier stuff, because his singing voice is stunning even as an older bloke. Like I said, his stuff isn't my style but his voice is something else.