Monday, 19 September 2011

An evening on the balcony

Our vacation starts here - sunset on a balcony overlooking Carmel-by-the-Sea. San Francisco was amazing by the way - what a fantastic city!

(Yes, I know it's cheap wine but I've been overspending a tad - can't imagine how in a place life SF).


Unknown said...

I visited Sterling Vineyards when I was out there, and I really enjoyed their wines!

Don't be hatin' on the wine, now!

Carmel: such a lovely place!

Zuzana said...

That top picture surely caught my eye dear Tom.;) Enjoy your vacation.;))

Beep said...

The company I am with is a lot more important than how much the wine costs :)

Tom said...

Susan - I think I bought that bottle for about five bucks in a local store! Pam will have to tell you if it was any good since I don't like white wine, but the red wine I bought, for a similar price and from a local winery, was excellent!

Zuzana - sorry for the delayed response, but we had a wonderful time! I've only been back home for a few days and am already planning the next trip!

Pam - too right! But I still need to go on one of those wine tours that take you to a few wine tasting places. I know I said we'd do it on the last two or three trips but we'll do it next time - as long as I don't have to drive!