Friday, 26 August 2011

New science phenomenon: a jet-powered meteor with contrail

Sometimes I just despair. This video of a "meteorite" was shown on the Daily Telegraph's website, a UK newspaper that's supposed to be above the usual tabloid nonsense (and I apologise for the advert if one appears).

It reminded me of the so-called "mystery missile launch over Los Angeles" a little while ago and all the nonsense that followed. Those of you with a pedantic nature may point out that it's not a meteorite but a meteor since rocks from space entering the atmosphere are only called a meteorite once they hit the ground, so if this is space rock it's a meteor. Fine, but it's neither, and may I make a suggestion for those looking to find where it landed?

First place I'd search is an airport.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps this might be useful for anyone wanting to get better footage of the genuine jet-powered meteor with contrail phenomenon.

List of surviving Gloster Meteors

I hadn't realised there were so many still out there... :-)


PS. Sorry, I've been a bit hectic recently, but it must be lunchtime sometime soon?

Anonymous said...

hmmm. could've fooled me!

Tom said...

P. - lunch will have to wait I'm afraid - too busy for the rest of the week and then off to CA for a few weeks. Maybe sometime in Oct?

PS. Saw a Gloster Meteor fly once many years ago at an airshow at Greenham Common. Late 70s I think...

gigi - I think many people would have been fooled by this but don't expect the same from a respected non-tabloid newspaper in the UK - they could have spent just a few minutes doing a little research!