Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Submillimeter Valley with sunset clouds

Another shot from my time on Mauna Kea's summit last month. This is Submillimeter Valley although without the CSO which is just out of shot. The JCMT is bottom left and the SMA middle bottom. The clouds meant we couldn't observe this night but they did give us a spectacular sunset.


Anil P said...

Spectacular sunset indeed.

It'd be great to have optical lenses as wide as possible without turning the image into a fish-eye effect. One could then see a wider panaroma in the picture.

Tom said...

Hi Anil,

Yes, I agree completely. I've tried panoramas but that's difficult to get right when the light changes so quickly at sunset. This has been an expensive year but once I've recovered I hope to get a decent wide-angle lens which is also fast. The one I have now is a fine all-purpose lens but no more than that.