Friday, 4 February 2011

The royal wedding

Yes, I'm British. Am I excited about the upcoming royal wedding between William and Kate? Well, I'll leave that up to you to decide, but Clarke and Dawe might give you a clue.

I know I'm late with the news, just like her majesty's government in paying some money they owe me.


Anonymous said...

As a Brit, how do you feel about the money they are spending on the wedding? It's very foreign, no pun intended:) to me to have royalty as more or less simply a figure head and collecting tax payer dollars simply to well, be royal I guess. Then a $50 million wedding when the country is hurting financially, yeesh!
I've often wondered how you all feel about the subject?

Tom said...

horsemom - If I published my true feelings about the royal family the next time I visit the UK I'll be arrested at the airport and locked up in the Tower before being hanged for treason!

My view may not be shared by all Brits, I would say opinions are split, but since I don't live there anymore it's hard for me to gauge the true feelings of the population. Let's just say that the money being spent on this wedding would keep UKIRT open for a decade or two...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, don't want to get you trouble! I understand, I have my own feelings about my own government. Sigh.

Keera Ann Fox said...

Now, let's see. William is the one that doesn't dress up in Nazi gear when partying, right? ;-)

I did watch the weddings of the Scandinavian royals, Victoria's just recently, and several years ago the Norwegian kids. I guess I just wanted to see how they do it here. I'm a republican.

Beep said...

I'm caught in the middle of this:

and just feel too old and tired to fight for my life yet again.

I wish I could just borrow The Ring and pawn it for awhile to keep my government from killing some of us to balance the budget. It looks like an expensive ring and just might raise enough $.

If not, I'll bet there's a tiara or something somewhere that would do!

But: this post really made me laugh :)

Nigel Carson said...

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