Tuesday, 8 February 2011

It'll never work...

I've tried to get a panorama of the sunrise on the cliffs near here for the last two years. It's never worked - too much water for the stitching software to do its job, and when I finally get the software to work, I hate the picture.

Oh well, never mind, I've other things to worry about!


Anonymous said...

Let me get this right, you hate 'this' picture? this beautiful full sea in the morning with the same beautiful glow on the little house on the cliff.? That picture.
You need glasses or maybe just get your eyes checked because this is wonderful. I love how the little casita catches that early morning glow found in the clouds.
seriously, go see an eye doctor or maybe your camera is broke or....
peace n abundance,

Tom said...

Not sure how to reply to this! Anyway, I like the colours but technically the photo is crap - bent horizon and you can see the join if you look carefully - otherwise I quite like it or wouldn't have posted it!

Thanks for popping by, newmexico!


(putting my specs back on right now).