Monday, 21 February 2011

My happy place

I'm a realist and an atheist. I don't think there's any reason we live here other than we just do. I've little time for new age philosophies, will give you an evil look if you say my chakra is misaligned (or my stars) and believe karma only exists for those that believe in a virtual reality, and I'm not one of them.

Having said that, there is a special place here on the Big Island of Hawaii I'll visit when my chakra and karma are all messed up and my energy vortexes and dilateral cosmic planetary alignments aren't what they usually are. Even when they're retrograde.

It's the coastline between Kalapana and Kapoho in Puna. It's just the most beautiful place on the planet (despite all the hippies that live there) and always enjoy a sense of regeneration and rejuvenation when I visit - sometimes well beyond sunset:

Oh, enough of that. My virgo star sign karmatic dispositional synergies and photonic conscious polar-energies are telling me it's time to go to bed.


Anonymous said...

Not an aging hippy? Me neither. Never was, never will be.

As for religion, always hated sitting in church.

But, I do believe in a higher power that created the universe. After all, how did it all start? Beats me!

hawaii island life said...

i get that same feeling when visit that area. Someday I will frequent there more, but for now I'm on the opposite side. I'm hoping to get over there more frequently though.

Rose said...

You are indeed lucky to be living in your happy place. I cannot believe you have not once counted your blessings or praised The Creator or that you have not been in awe of the creations you photograph so expertly. You have got to feel some of the spiritual energy eminating from the ethereal landscapes and seascapes you photograph..Or you will always be searching for something new..:) Your photos are brilliant!

Tom said...

gigi - I was brought up as a strict catholic but have to be careful as I know my mum reads this blog! In any case, I rejected that way of life as soon as I was old enough to do so.

HIL - it is a beautiful place, but similar to you, I yearn for the sunsets on your side of the island!

Rose - will keep this short but I definitely count my blessings in a non-religious sort of way! I am in awe of the things I see, be it the sky, the ocean, beautiful sunsets and sunrises and stunning landscapes. I don't, however, attribute that to an intelligent creator, just nature. And I see nothing wrong about always searching for something new. In fact it's why I do the job I do!

We could have a very long conversation about this but I haven't the time right now, but thank you so much for your compliment! Maybe one day soon we can talk about the spiritual stuff!