Monday, 9 November 2009

Winter's approach

It looks as though we're about to experience the first storm of the season. The state will be under a flash flood watch from tomorrow evening and the Big Island summits will likely be issued a winter storm watch from Wednesday morning. Given current conditions these might occur a little earlier, especially for the summit if the MKWC forecast is correct.

The snowfall will likely not be too significant, it's early in the season and temperatures tend to be a little too warm for ice and snow to last long at the summit (although it has happened in the past) but Mauna Kea should see its first dusting of snow in the next few days.

I'll be at the summit early next week so may miss the fun, but if there's snow still up there I'll be sure to take a couple of pictures!


Beep said...

Hope you are able to stay safe.

Andrew Cooper said...

Scheduled to be up the day of the storm. Maybe there is snow, maybe not, either way I will have a camera along!

I thought we had an El Nino in progress?