Friday, 20 November 2009

What will they think of next?

I was almost taken out today by some driver who clearly wasn't looking out for traffic. Fortunately I saw the guy was doing something very unusual and since I drive rather defensively, as you have to do here, I managed to swerve out of his way. I really was waiting for the big crash but managed to put just enough space between our cars that we missed by inches. At the next stop he was behind me and very sheepishly raised his hand in apology - which I acknowledged although I was a little shaken. We all make mistakes after all.

It occurred to me that perhaps he was using this product. You have to read the reviews, they're priceless. A friend pointed out that the customer images are also worth checking out and indeed they are!

I wonder if they'll come up with a version for motorbikes. That'll be fun to see!


kahuku said...

Good thing you avoided the accident.

Thanks for visiting my site. You take some mighty fine photos yourself. I'll definitely be checking in with you from now on.

Tom said...

Thanks, Kahuku, and now I know where you photos are on Flickr I'll be checking your shots out regularly!

Thanks for popping by!