Saturday, 7 November 2009

This broadband thing is bad!

What album should I listen to next? I keep coming back to Dylan even though I'm not a fan but also revisited my past - The Cult, The Cure, The Smiths and then thought I need to pick a band that didn't start with "The".

The problem is I'm still up late at night because I rediscovered "The The". Uncertain Smile - what a song that was with Jules Holland on the piano. Now all I need to do is find the extended version which I used to dance to in the old disco days.

Don't laugh over there, I can hear you!


Andrew Cooper said...

Welcome to the 20th century. I remember downloading songs in the fabled days of Napster, odd how pirating music allowed me to check out many artists I had never listened to before, I ended up buying more CD's than ever.

Aaron Stene said...

Be careful to monitor your usage or you'll be looking at a big cellular phone bill. My brother learned the hard way when he exceeded the 5GB cap.

There is a usage monitor I believe that you can keep track of this.

Anonymous said...

Right... on hanging with the fun geeks now!

I'd like to highly recommend for listening to the types of music you may enjoy.

Although there is now a 40 hour per month limit. But an hour a day here and there of free music of what you like when you like is a great tool.


Anonymous said...

P.S. the nice thing about Pandora... is it does not get downloaded or uploaded... it simply streams so you don't get charged as Aaron mentions for uploads or downloads.

Tom said...

Andrew - you're not wrong (except it's the 21st century!) - I nearly always buy the CD of an album I like after hearing it online.

Aaron - yes, there are monitoring tools. The biggest issue with those appears to be they lag significantly, so you don't really know how much you've downloaded until a few hours later. That could be a problem if you get close to the 5 GB cap.

Damon - but even if it's streamed, surely the music still has to get to my computer so I'm downloading it anyway? Am I missing something?

Incidentally, I'm already subscribed to Rhapsody for those long nights at the summit. I'll look at Pandora but if there's a 40 hour limit that only covers three nights on the mountain!

Thanks everyone for your comments, really appreciated!