Friday, 1 October 2010

More from Maui

I'm still going through some of the photos I took in Maui a couple of weeks ago. It's a very beautiful place and wish I hadn't taken so long to visit again after my first time there 16 years ago. The place has changed significantly, many more shops, hotels and condos then I remember but the beaches are still wonderful. Especially at sunset!

The island of Lanai is in the distance. I have yet to visit it.

Lanai again in the distance with the rocky shoreline of Lahaina in the foreground.

Last light and the local surfer dudes are catching the last waves, including a paddle surfer. Paddle surfing seems to be making quite a comeback in the islands.


Nancy said...

The last time I had been in Maui, until very recently, was 30 years. We had been able to drop anchor outside Lahaina and swim to shore. I doubt that is still doable. The island of Lanai was nothing but a pineapple plantation and plantation town at that time. I still remember all of the red dust all over us and the jeep we used to explore the island.

These pictures are just beautiful. Yes, Maui has changed, but the beaches are still magnificent.

California Girl said...

visiting from "Life in the Second Half". I love Maui. One of my best friends lived in Kihei for many years so we had a place to go. Last time I was there, 3 yrs ago, I went for the wedding of the son of a close friend. Instead of staying @ the 4 Seasons or one of the super expensive $500 per night hotels in Kaanapali, I stayed at the old Lahaina Hotel and it was wonderful.

Did you visit Hana and, if so, are there photos? Haven't seen it in 25 yrs and would love to see some recent photos.

Tom said...

We didn't get all the way to Hana. I do have some photos of the road to Hana but they aren't particularly spectacular. Might post them one day soon though.

I stayed at the old Lahaina Hotel 16 years ago. Small world!