Thursday, 30 September 2010

Black mood

The light-sucking black lava rocks in this photo sum up my mood right now. The treat lady was here for the last month and we had a wonderful time albeit with a few emergencies - I now know where the Maui emergency room is and got to know the staff quite well! It's been a depressing day though and it's back to an empty house this evening. Even the cats aren't quite themselves but Eddie did get a few treats tonight...


Nancy said...

Hope all is well. I love your photos. I hope your friend is feeling better and that you don't have to visit emergency rooms any more when she visits.

My daughter has a cat that looks exactly like Eddie. His name is Doodle.

Anonymous said...

WOW! - Nice picture!

Tom said...

Thanks Nancy and Anon. Despite the ER visits we had a great time in Maui - it's a very beautiful place. Hope Doodles is doing well!

Anon - the lava rock is so black it can be a bit of a pain when taking photos,. This was a 60-sec long exposure and the main idea was to blur the water so much it looked like mist. It sort of worked!


Beep said...

The past two days have been sad for me. But I love all of the pictures and they are wonderful memories.

Nancy, you seem like a really nice person! Hi to Doodle from California.


California Girl said...

I know where the ER is too. Last visit I sliced open my finger to the bone on a deck chair at the hotel where my friends were staying. The hotel sterilized and wrapped it but I had to drive myself to ER for stitches. I was unable to go swimming the rest of the trip. Apparently there are micro organisms in the water that could make me very ill. It kinda wrecked the trip. Had to drink alot to make up for it.

I've read through your older posts and I see you live there so I guess my question about "visiting" Hana is moot?

Tom said...

California Girl - no, haven't been to Hana. We drove the road on the latest trip but didn't have enough time to go all the way. One day I will!

The Maui ER experience was certainly an eye-opener, but I think I'll leave that for Pam to write about!