Thursday, 3 September 2009


There are so many things in life that people describe as "hell". Obviously there are the really nasty things such as dealing with the loss of a loved one or losing a job. I'm talking about things on a somewhat lower level though. It's the 6-monthly task of taking the cats to the vet.

Who would have thought they could draw so much blood? In the old days when they were young and inexperienced they just walked into the cat carrier, but now I have to plan ahead and trap them in a room with no hope of escape. Even then they try to escape.

Perhaps my biggest mistake is using one cat carrier for two cats. I get one of them in there but have to open the door to get the other one in and that's when the fun starts and when the blood is drawn. The really bad news is that I'm going to have to do this again next week. They'll be taking a "country break" according to the brochure while I'm off on a trip. Yeah, right. I will admit, though, that the place that will be boarding them is superb - the Hilo Holiday Pet Hotel. The problem is that my cats don't think of this stay as a vacation and will do everything they can to avoid it. Last time I took them there I was close to requiring a blood transfusion - their claws are sharp.

Well, the adventure at the vet is over and they seem even more attached to my home than ever, so I'm sure the violence will be even more intense next week. Who would of thought these two cats could be so vicious?


Hilary said...

My hand is in the air.. I knew!! Trying to put an unwilling cat into a carrier is like trying to thread a needle with an electric eel. They get all puddly on you. That is - their body mass increases alarmingly in volume, mushiness and flexibility, so you can no longer aim this mass of undulating jello-with-thorns into what was an adequately-sized entrance just moments earlier. A slightly helpful trick is to let gravity aid you. Turn the carrier onto its side so that they partly drop in.. if they don't climb your arm in mid-dangle.

Gotta love cats. :)

Keera Ann Fox said...

I'm curious: Why do you take them twice a year to the vet's?

And what Hilary said. I'm amazed at how much resistance such a critter can put up, considering how limp they can be otherwise when you want them to help you move them.

BTW, good for you for not declawing them!

John Powell said...

As a dog person, I take smug satisfaction in such stories. "THIS is why we don't have a cat!" I tell myself.

Tom said...

Hilary - the real problem I have is that I have one carrier for two cats. I can get one of them in there without too much blood loss, but keeping that one in there while herding the other has become very difficult!

Keera - my vet always recommended 6-monthly visits and I'm aware some say once a year is enough. Eddie and Bubbles are quite old now though (13 and 12) and I'm much more comfortable with them being seen regularly to pick up any problems early. 20 years ago I would never have seen myself saying something like that when it comes to cats, but these girls are family now and I'd hate to miss health problem.

John - I'm a dog lover. I grew up with dogs and I would love to have a couple of dogs right now. My lifestyle prevents it though, I just couldn't care for them properly. My old dog, Lucy, actually loved going to the vet - she'd actually try and run off to his office whenever we were walking nearby! Now I have the bitches from hell, but I love them nevertheless!

Keera Ann Fox said...

Your cats are that old? I didn't realize. Yes, good to follow up regularly. So, when are you going to buy kevlar gloves? Because there's no sense in buying a second carrier, is there. ;-)

Tom said...

Eddie's been with me almost the whole time I've lived on the island - she was the runt and was nothing but skin and bones when she was rescued. Bubbles was adopted a few months later.

They both look and act younger than they really are - I put that down to them having one careful owner!

I've thought about having a second carrier but it doesn't matter. Once one of them is captured the other hides in places I didn't know existed in the house.

Having the two of them in one carrier also looks really cute in the vet's waiting room! That's as long as I can stop the blood dripping from my arms for a few minutes because it all looks very strange otherwise...

Keera Ann Fox said...

After all these years, the vet doesn't know to have band-aids ready for you? ;-)

(Shut each cat in a separate room, if you can. Then capture one at a time. Which does requires two carriers, yes.)

Zuzana said...

They do not like it as they know it means two things; either that you are going away, or; the visit the vet. NONE is pleasing.
Some cats, like mine, also hate being in the car.

I think I have said this before, that my vet recommends not to use a carrier in the car and just letting the cat loose, that might calm it down. Ok, it will not work with every cat and definitely not with Batcat.
But check out my friend's Mahmud page.;))