Wednesday, 24 June 2009

I'm so jealous

There's been something I've wanted to do for the last month but the eyesight hasn't quite been up to driving at night. It's definitely improving though so am feeling a little less depressed about things right now! Andrew, over at A Darker View has taken a few pictures of the Halema`uma`u crater at night which is something I really wanted to do, but know that there's no way I'll ever compete with this picture of his - it's an absolute stunner. I want to go up there and take a picture like his but I don't have the equipment or skill to do that right now, or the ability to handle the drive up to Kilauea's summit, so I'm very jealous!

In the meantime, it's pictures from home with a point-and-shoot camera and a whole lot of noise due to its small detector, but the setting moon looked really nice despite having to watch it through the branches of a Norfolk Pine.

I was a little lucky, I haven't been keeping track of moon phases recently, but saw that there was a crescent moon that was just setting behind the clouds after sunset.

It took me a few minutes to figure out how to set the camera up; I'd put it away knowing I wasn't going to use it again for a few weeks, but had to get it out again to catch a picture or two.


Anonymous said...

Dang it makes for a hard decision when you post more then one picture on your blog.

I just love your pics.

To keep with the subject...

I'm jealous of you folks with an eye for photography!

Diane said...

Beautiful! Glad you're doing better! Thinking of you.