Thursday, 25 June 2009

Another photography lesson

I suspect most photographers won't publish their crap photos, but I'm not a photographer!

There was a stunning rainbow in the west this morning and had to take a picture of it. Having a bit of knowledge about physics I knew that the light was polarized and so I could get the most out of the images by using the polarizing filter I bought a few months ago. What I forgot is that I took it off the camera the previous evening to take the pictures in my previous post and left it out on the lanai to get rained on.

So, this is a shot of a beautiful rainbow through some ugly water spots.

I've been doing everything I can think of to avoid all these pitfalls, for instance checking the white balance, ISO, exposure compensation but then simply forgot to check if the filter is covered in crap. Oh well, lesson learned, I won't do it again.

Yes, the picture looks OK at first glance, but now you know there's a problem, look for the blotches! It was a beautiful rainbow though.


Hilary said...

It is a beautiful rainbow and it doesn't look blotched or botched to me. I had the pleasure of seeing a rainbow myself last night, but its setting was nowhere near as lovely as yours, nor do I have a filter. And I'm still trying to figure my way around this camera so for now, I'm just going to enjoy your lovely photo instead. :)

Keera Ann Fox said...

I found one blotch and it was hardly worth the effort. ;-) All I could really see was the beautiful rainbow!

Zuzana said...

What are you talking about; this is a stunning photo. I love rainbows, this one just made my day.;))

Anonymous said...

Ok... the suspense is on...

I guess I'm "Jonesing" for my daily "A Pacific View" fix.

Just wanted to let you know that I really dig your blog and I miss it when you are not posting often.