Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Telescope for sale, one careful owner

Announcement of opportunity
UKIRT prospectus


Invader Xan said...

Hi :)

I just wanted to say, I'm using a couple of your photographs – credited, of course – to try and publicise this. I hope you don't mind!

Tom said...

I don't mind at all! I should point out that your article refers to a post of mine about reducing the size of UKIRT's primary mirror and do suggest checking out the date of that post!


Invader Xan said...

Hah! Is it bad that in light of everything, I found that part genuinely believable? Shows how much faith I have in the STFC! :)

alice said...


Tom Kerr said...

Sorry to see this. Wishing you the best...

Tom said...

Tom - I will try and get in touch with you this weekend. Great to hear from you!

PS. For those confused, Tom Kerr is my cousin from Canada who I haven't seen for probably 30 years or so! He's a brilliant artist whose work has been shown around the world.


michael said...

Hi I am visiting the big island and headed up to Mauna Loa to view Toutatis. Any interest?

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