Tuesday, 3 April 2012

On the boardwalk

A few more shots from Moonstone Beach including a reworked panorama although I'm still not happy with it. Have to learn to take off the polarizer when doing panoramas, it really makes the sky look weird...

On the boardwalk

On the beach

On the rocks (shaken, not stirred)

Back on the boardwalk


Rosaria Williams said...

I've dropped in like a bird looking for food! And here I find out you've traveled to one of my favorite places. Your sidebar lists all kinds of interests. I'm signing up!~

Tom said...

Hello, Rosaria, and thank you for such a kind comment! Unfortunately I'm really busy at the moment and the blog is on the back-burner but hope to be in action once again soon!

Cambria and Moonstone Beach is definitely up in my top five places to visit. Glad to hear from someone who also loves the place!