Sunday, 24 July 2011

Summit tourists

At $200 a head I hope these guys enjoyed the sunset! We like to give them a show at UKIRT (pictured) by opening the dome and ventilation system early. It always attracts attention when the dome slit opens. I haven't the heart to tell them it's not for them, though, we open early so the dome cools down and we don't have to deal with local turbulence once the sky turns dark. Between dome opening time and a dark sky I try to stay incognito - I'm fed up answering questions about UFOs, black holes and my accent!


Anonymous said...

That last comment made me laugh. Hubby and I just spent a week on the Big Island -- flew over Puu O'o crater by helicopter and kissed the dolphins in Waikoloa. Since we didn't want to pack winter clothing, we skipped Mauna Kea this trip. You live in a beautiful place, you really do.

Tom said...

gigi - if you visit again and can afford the rates the MK tour companies charge, they do supply winter clothing for the summit so no need to pack your own stuff.

Glad you enjoyed your visit - it is indeed a very beautiful and special place!