Wednesday, 25 May 2011


I've had the odd email asking how I'm doing and I really apologise for not letting people know earlier. To be honest I've simply not had the energy to post something until now.

I'm back at work but am still not myself. I still have considerable pain in the right hand side of my head but it's nothing compared to what I had a few weeks ago. My concentration and focus is shot right now but it is coming back and the good thing is I no longer need to take pain killers every three or four hours, so there's a definite improvement. Incidentally, I gave up with the really strong stuff some weeks ago - it was too mind-altering.

The diagnosis hasn't changed but I haven't seen the doctor for a couple of weeks because I think he gave up on me and to be honest, vice versa. That's Big Island health care for you.

Thanks to everyone who's commented and/or emailed me, I really appreciate your thoughts and probably much more than you realise. Sorry if I haven't replied but will try to do so in the coming weeks - work is taking over for a bit which is a good thing I think!



Hilary said...

Just focus on feeling better, Tom. This thing usually runs its course in 6 weeks.. so you're most of the way there.

Paul H said...

Hi Tom,
Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better!

Anonymous said...

Dude... we have been missing your posts but are more worried about you more then anything. Get better soon!

Tom said...

I was wondering where you went. I'm so sorry to hear you've been having health issues. I hope you are back to normal soon.

Greg said...

Hang in there ya Limey star gazer!

We miss you please keep us updated..


Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better and are off those painkillers.

Maren aka hilobeads aka Palms, Etc. said...

Hope you survive this and the rest of it, including the traveling and don't get back worse. (Eh, we need you here too)

Unknown said...

Do what Hilary said: hang in there! My dear husband, very unexpectedly, had a heart attack last week, and heart bypass surgery a week ago yesterday. He is trying hard to crawl out of the hole, recovery wise, but this has knocked him flat on his butt. I know how hard it can be to focus. Give yourself lots of grace!!!

boo said...

It is amazing how utterly exhausting dealing with something like that can be. I'll add to the chorus of "hang in there"s and wish you continued recovery.