Saturday, 5 March 2011

Roller coaster week

Things are looking up. The last week has been difficult to say the least but thanks to the wonderful staff at the JAC I'm feeling good this weekend! I also did try to take a couple of sunset shots the other day but couldn't come up with anything better than this taken over in Waikoloa.

Anyway, thanks for your kind comments and especially to those that helped both Pam and myself through a very tough few days. If you had seen me on Monday and Tuesday earlier this week you would have known what a complete wreck I was. Yet by the end of the week I'm just about back to normal thanks to all of you! Our chief engineer, Simon, has special thanks for giving my talk at a conference this week. I've paid him back with a few beers but I really am still in his debt.

1 comment:

Rose said...

This is a good photo - don't know what you are muttering about it being the best you could come up with! Great to hear you are almost back to normal..hang in there :) Best wishes!