Monday, 4 October 2010

Sunset at the Fairmont

Sunrise at the Fairmont was fun but of course the sunsets were gorgeous as well although I only spent the first evening there trying to capture one at the hotel. The voggy sky also helped, turning the atmosphere very red, something I'm only used to seeing from Mauna Kea's summit well above the vog layer.

Just a few minutes earlier and the sun was behind this cloud. It was quite odd because the higher clouds were actually moving quite quickly yet there was little or no wind which made the warm and humid evening temperature a little uncomfortable. I like my trade winds and the slightly cooler temperatures on the windward side!

Later on, well after sunset and just before moving onto the beach bar, I took another photo of the beach and cove at the Fairmont Orchid - helped somewhat by a flood light somewhere behind me they'd trained onto the sandy beach. The water was so calm that the reflections of the palms and evening sky were very pretty.


Keera Ann Fox said...

Oh, my!!! What gorgeous light and scenery! *drool*

Tom said...

Pam will testify that I went all over the place trying to get good photos and they all turned out crap apart from these ones!

It's an amazing resort, the best on the island, but sucks money from your purse and/or wallet without you realising.

$8 for a draft beer, $14 for a small Mai Tai? Please...