Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Sad day for Hawai`i

The Hawai'i Superferry has been forced to shut down after a legal decision by the Hawai`i Supreme Court - the decision was based on arguments related to the environment. This was potentially the only alternative transport option for anyone wanting to travel between the Hawaiian islands, other than via an airline. So now the only option is to travel by air again. Can someone explain to me how that is more environmentally friendly compared to one or two large ships?

Hundreds of jobs are going to be lost and Hawai`i will once again be a state that investors and companies will want to avoid. That might be just great for those that want to return to an economy based on coconuts, pineapples and taro but this is hardly the time to shut down a company that was actually becoming successful and helping the local economy.

So what's next? Shut down the airlines? If the argument is truly about the environment then that's the obvious next step.


Anonymous said...

I agree.

Shut down the airlines? No, some people with chips on the shoulders will just want go! shut down.

John Powell said...

I never thought that the environmental objections were anything more than a cover for "lifestyle" reasons - lots of folks on Kaua'i and Maui (and here) fear hordes of Oahuans ruining their fishing and hunting spots, and don't want their island's resources to become depleted like Oahu's.

The Lingle administration and the legislature, through their slippery tactics and incompetence, handed the enviros a "victory" that will continue to harm the state for years to come. Sad.

Anonymous said...

Your right Serria Club wants to kill any progress here so the paradise found gang can keep those hording Ohau fish/hunters at bay. They could just fly over but that goes over most heads here. WELCOME TO THE NEW THIRD WORLD ORDER. Serriass are going to try and kill the telescope next. Good luck
GD Hilo