Monday, 2 February 2009

Little peace at home

Not only does working both day and night shifts at altitude confuse me and my body, it confuses the hell out of the girls. They're used to me being away for periods of time but not every week and now that I'm probably home for a relatively long period, they've realised what's going on and won't leave me alone. Wherever I go around the house or yard they're there and often use me as ambush practice!

Eddie is still camera shy but once I was sat at the computer she made herself comfortable next to me and fell asleep, although she still had one eye open just to check where I was and what I was up to.

Unfortunately for Eddie, Bubbles saw what was going on and had to join in.

Bubbles always sits next to me when I'm working at the computer, Eddie saw the one opportunity when Bubbles was preoccupied with something else (probably vomiting on the carpet downstairs, she's done that a few times recently) and then took her usual spot. Eddie was about to get pissed off.

An impressive Kung Fu kick to Bubbles' head and Eddie was off - she's asleep in my bedroom now . Next week there's a new challenge - they will have to deal with a visitor - they'll be OK with that though, they know her as "the treat lady" and perhaps they'll leave me alone for a while!


Zuzana said...

Ok, your cats ARE cute.;))
And I know the ambush you are talking about.;)
How exciting with a visitor; does she bring treats for everyone?;)

Keera Ann Fox said...

These photos are interesting because now I can see that Bubbles has a different color than Eddie. I hope they like your "treat lady"!

Beep said...

What great photos--the cats are adorable :)

Tom said...

Protege - I'm a gentleman so couldn't possibly comment!

Pam - not my best photos but trying to catch Eddie being cute is *so* difficult because as soon as she sees me picking up the camera she runs away.

Keera - Bubbles actually has quite an unusual colour - chocolate brown. Even the vet says the colour is very rare. It's faded over the years but she's learned to make up for that by learning how to melt anyone's heart by being pathetically cute!

sallymandy said...

Bubbles has beautiful brown and white fur. I've never seen that exact color. I wonder if the camera distorts it, or is that really it?

I love Hilo. Have been there once. Found that island to be one of the most spiritually inspiring places I've ever been. Like there's something in the air.

Tom said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sallymandy. Bubbles does indeed have a very unusual chocolate-brown colour. My vet hasn't seen a similar coloured cat either.