Monday, 19 January 2009


It's a full-scale emergency here, I'm surprised Civil Defense isn't broadcasting right now.

The temperature has dropped below 60 degrees Fahrenheit and I can't find my fan heater. I know it's here somewhere but in the meantime I'm going to have to close all the windows. That's simply unheard of.

The coquis are frozen and haven't been vocal tonight. For the first time in a couple of years I can hear the ocean surf again and it's wonderful. It's what helped me fall in love with this place and it's so nice to hear again. Occasionally I can even hear a whale out in the bay.

This is such a magical place, I hope someone can find a way to kill the coqui infestation for good.

On the other hand, the summit winds have finally dropped below hurricane levels. Earlier tonight the observers evacuated once again because the winds were above our safety limits but they may be back for the second half of the night. I'm the one on call so the telephone might start ringing soon. Perhaps, just for once, I should turn my phone off and pretend I'm not at home.


Diane said...

60 degrees?! Brrrrrr!!!

I just looked out my window and it's snowing. Heavily. Whoo hoo!!

Andrew Cooper said...

Cool on this side as well, but the cold does not shut up the Francolins at dawn.

Not much trouble with Keck on-call this weekend. But then how much trouble can there be when the scopes do not open two nights out of three. Only one call from Keck One, the Tertiary wouldn't lock in position, but we figured out that it was, just the computer was lying to us.

John Powell said...

Cold in Kailua this morning as well. Found some ice (picture on my blog) at 6100' on Hualalai at 9;30 a.m., gone by noon.

Beep said...

80 degrees today here...guess summer left Hawaii and decided to visit California. According to the radio we had a heat wave like this in January in 1983. Since I was away at college in 1983, I can only trust to the records. And a time before that in 1912 was mentioned, but I want everyone to know I am NOT THAT OLD, thank you!

Unknown said...

Surely you should close all the windows before you switch on the fan heater anyway?

Tom said...

Pure panic, Tom! At times like this your mind races and a logical train of thoughts is often lost!