Wednesday, 24 September 2008


When I first moved here years ago I couldn't believe the climate at sea level. The joke was that during winter a window in the house might be closed and no one would be found in the local swimming pool - I fought this concept hard because I still found winter time conditions too hot. Well, either I'm fully acclimatised now or I've turned into a local.

It's hard to imagine the old days. It's 68 degrees on the Fahrenheit scale here (about 20 degrees Celsius) and if I were back in the UK this would be a balmy night with everyone out in the pubs' beer gardens and the weather forecasters warning everyone it might be difficult to sleep due to the warm and humid conditions. No way - I'm bloody freezing!

Then again, I think I'll only really be considered a local if I start writing da kine in Pidgen, kay den, brah?

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