Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Landing in Hilo, Hawaii

Still too busy to do much photography or write blog posts, but I did come across this today and enjoyed the video. Not so sure about the music, it's not my kind of stuff, but found myself swaying to it after a minute or two!

Hilo doesn't see too many large jets although there is a daily FedEx service and suspect this is taken from the flight deck of one of those flights. Some of you who read my blog will no doubt be familiar with the flight into Hilo (although perhaps not from the front of the plane) but for those who aren't, the flights generally parallel the Hamakua coast on the north east side of the island until getting to North Hilo and then turn south into Hilo Bay which is where this video takes things up. Then, at the last minute, there's a left turn over Hilo's shoreline to line up with the runway as they fly over Ken's House of Pancakes, one of the more popular restaurants in Hilo!

You can't see my house from here, but for the approach into Hilo Bay part, my house would be on the horizon to the left a few miles beyond Hilo. Mauna Kea is out of sight on the right.

Although my camera hasn't been out of the house for a week or two now, I did collect some recent pictures of the Hawaii coastline and put them in a Flickr slideshow. I think all the pictures have appeared on this blog before, but feel free to take a look using the following link - Hawaii coastline.


Tom said...

That was nice and I liked the music. Any idea what the music is?

Aaron said...

I doubt video was taken from one of those Fedex planes. For starters, the aircraft is approaching Hilo
from the wrong direction (Honolulu
bound). I suspect its from a private
plane on approach to Hilo.

Tom said...

Tom - according to the comment in the original youtube video, it's Under The Sea by Digby Jones (never heard of him!).

Aaron - I'm pretty certain the FedEx planes that visit Hilo arrive from Honolulu (FedEx tracking seems to confirm that) and secondly the original youtube video comment is that it's from an MD-11. I don't know any other company that flies MD-11s into Hilo other than FedEx.