Thursday, 17 June 2010

Yet another summit photo

I don't know, I'm getting a little bored of these. Same place and usually the same time (sunset). They look nice but I need to find something else to take pictures of especially as summit time will become rare after this year. The thing is I suspect I'll be busier than ever then, so may not have a lot of time for taking photos. I don't even have the time right now unless I'm on the mountain, and then it's a limited period of time during the day.

How about some fish?

Or lighthouses?


The strangest Cornish Pasty I've ever eaten? (The tea was first rate though).

I'm open to some ideas and challenges!


parv said...

Well, could you produce a shot of "bird of paradise" which is not bland?

A 1:1 or large size macro of flora & fauna are always interesting, at least to me. Then there are juxtapositions to be found on the street & nature. Or, shooting portraits while working with existing light and/or making additional light work for you.

Maren aka hilobeads aka Palms, Etc. said...

All of the above? Plus cats.

kahuku said...

I never tire of your summit shots. I want to get up there, but keep going to the water instead.

Tom said...

Maren - cat shots might be upcoming.

Kahuku - drop me a line one day - I'll see if I can get you up to the summit.


Tom said...

Parv - I think it's a matter of not having any time to take nice pictures and with minimalist mode I fear I'm going to be busier than ever - plus not being at the summit anymore.