Sunday, 19 July 2009

I finally succumbed

What a day, it's just been one when nothing has gone right but fortunately nothing really bad happened, just lots of frustration. Among other things, tomorrow I will find out why my hurricane insurance has lapsed for non-payment despite the fact that it's my mortgage company that's actually supposed to pay the premiums from the money I give them, in a timely manner, each month. I'm sure I'll be receiving a letter from them in the next day saying my mortgage is at risk because I don't have the insurance they require. It happened last year as well and it was their fault then as it almost certainly is now.

40 years ago to the day we first stepped on the surface of the moon, so that'll cheer me up but I'll leave that to other bloggers to describe, I was a little too young to know what was going on at the time. England are winning the second test match against the Australians, and that has really cheered me up!

Finally, after some gentle persuasion, I finally have a Flickr account. I've put some of my favourite photos there, most of them have appeared on this blog in the past so they'll not be new to you, but hope you take a look and enjoy or perhaps use a critical eye and look at them in disgust!

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Zuzana said...

I was too young too, but it still is an amazing event, I wish I could have watched it.;)) (The moon landing). Congratulations on the flicker account, you will get plenty of use for it, I ma sure.;)