Thursday, 5 February 2009

In your face

One minute she's as cute as can be, the next minute she's in your face demanding some attention - and she really doesn't look happy this time.

That's OK, I can take the unhappy look and raise it, both girls are off to the vet very soon for their 6-month checkup. That ungodly look I got from Bubbles won't compare to the reception I get when I have to herd them into the cat-carrier. Hopefully the next time will be blood-free. When I last managed to take them to the vet he was worried after the examination because there was blood on his table. He felt a lot better after I told him the blood used to belong to me.


Zuzana said...

Tom, Batcat hates the carrier as well! He growls and is almost sometimes out of breath how much he hates it. It breaks my heart every time. Fortunately, the drive to the vet is only 5 minutes.
My old cat in the US was nothing like that, he quiet enjoyed being in the car and the carrier as well.

The vet told me, that the cats hate the carrier, so I should just let him loose in the car. I never tried it, but I have heard it works.;)

Be on the look out for a tag at my place next week.;))

Anonymous said...

She doesn't look very happy camper in that second picture.

Tom said...

Protege - Once when I got home and was getting into the driveway Bubbles came out to greet me as usual. I grabbed her and put her inside the car. For the next 10-yards (that's how far I had to drive) it was utter chaos and panic in the car.

My vet is 15-miles away. I don't think letting her loose in the car is an option!

Aaron - yes, she looks really hacked off! Actually, it's just a trick of the camera. She was trying to sniff the camera lense and I took a shot at the exact right moment. Her expression looked wonderfully pissed off though!

Anonymous said...

Heheh... I know that look. That look usually says "I don't know what you're eating, but I want some!" :)